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Solvency Information Service - SIS 

Check your partners before they become your debtors!

If your mail returns from the post-office, to contact the debtor by fax and e-mail is not possible any more…??

- What do you know about your business partners?
- Your customer did not react any more?
- Are they still solvent or already registered as debtors?

We offer to check 1 company or individual for free if you send us all contact details (full name, legal form, postal address, phone, fax, email, website, name of the CEO etc.) and a short description of the case. 
For each further inquiry we charge 60,00 EUR. 
Our check includes:

- court's register of debtors
- check of validation of all contact details
- check if service of (court) documents is possible
- pending insolvency proceedings, 
- peculiarities in the Internet and Social Networks-low level, 
- active business of the debtor (f.i. phone calls, fax), etc
Please note: The following services are always included in case of a mandate:
- check of all contact details and registration as a debtor: 40,00 EUR regular charge
- check and collection of information in SocialMedia: 40,00 EUR
- check of pending bankruptcy proceedings: 60,00 EUR
- check of a valid postal address (important in case of court proceedings): 60,00 EUR
Not included in a running mandate:
- credit report individuals: 100,00 EUR
- credit report companies: 180,00 EUR

We also recommend checking the solvency of the debtor by a comprehensive and detailed credit report. We offer a flat of 180.00 Euro - our PayPal Service for fast processing. 

Choose the service from the drop-down menu. Please send us the data of the debtor by e-mail (click) or use the following form.

You can also use the PayPal.Me Service:

Just click here: more>> or search in your browser, enter the amount and send it - that's all.