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Law Firm Feinen Germany -  We are Your partner in international debt collection and commercial law  

in Germany and Worldwide 

We offer services in international debt collection, commercial law, contract law and insolvency law.  Our out of court service is on basis of no win, no fee basis (" no cure, no pay ") for bad debts (commercial debts, private debts).
But we would like to inform you as well about costs and fees if court proceedings become necessary. 

We are conducting debt collection and claim recovery, court proceedings and finally enforcement proceedings. We assist you in insolvency proceedings of Your debtors as well - all proceedings are managed and supervised by experienced Lawyers.
The advantage
: as a Law Firm we consider all stages of collection from the first request for payment (dunning, demand letter) up to recovery by the final judgment and enforcement by bailiff and block of bank accounts. 

Please note our new offer: check your business partner before conclusion of a contract, payments or deliveries. We check the registration as a debtor (individuals only) within 1 day. Costs are 10 EUR each 

Debt Collection in Germany and Europe

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our office and our legal services.  

Debt Collection Germany  and worldwide - International Debt Recovery

International debt collection (f.e. Austria, Switzerland and Europe)  

Our Law Firm with 25 years of experience in debt collection and court proceedings. We offer services in commercial law, contract law, insolvency law  

The advantage of our services as a Law Firm is that all proceedings, out of court, court proceedings and execution (enforcement) proceedings are in one single hand.  

simple conditions - we confirm your order immediately with short description of our conditions. 

Debt Collection in Germany and Europe

The facts: Your partner in Germany tries to delay payments by promises, false allegations about his bad financial situation, excuses and far-fetched legal objections like defective of goods a.s.o..  

Your attempts to force the debtor to payment by phone calls and emails failed.  

We are at your service for all kind of claims like: 

  • purchase price, 
  • all claims based on contract law or commercial law, 
  • private or business loans, 
  • damages and indemnification, 
  • enforcement of judgements of your country. 

no voluminous and extensive agreement necessary


Debt Collection in Germany and Europe

  • out of court service - no cure, no pay - no win, no fee 
  • small fees in case of success
  •  special conditions in court proceedings: We can exempt the client and costumer from all costs in court proceedings  
  • Consumer debts - Commercial debts  
  • We assist in debt collection of claims more than 500 Euro/ 600 USD  
  • We check the solvency of your debtor immediately for free - credit check 
  • Feel free to upload your claim or send it to

We are happy to announce that we are now accredited Partner of GCS-credit. Therefore we have secure and immediate access to credit and collection service providers (Lawyers, Law Firms, debt collection Agency) in over 100 countries.

Your benefit: If you provide us with all documents and we found the debtor not insolvent you do not have to pay anything and do not have to care about something. 


Our collections process is due to more than 25 years of experience with outstanding payments. 

Our workflow is being constantly improved to include legislative changes and also the latest technological innovations that can benefit our clients (e.g.: consultation and transmission of files by Internet, databases, Email, etc.).

Our Lawyers would like to assist you in all legal and court matters all over Germany and Europe (in English language), especially in the area of debt collection and commercial law as well as in all areas of civil and procedural law.  

In addition the field of international purchase law (international sale of goods) is absolutely important for our work.  

Our Law Firm and debt recovery agency is primarily dealing in the area of collecting outstanding debts (bad debts) in Germany -and all European countries as well- and the international conducting of lawsuits.  

Our Lawyers are called to the bar at every court in Germany.  

For more than 25 years we have been working for numerous foreign companies in the field of claim management and took over the debt collection for French, Italian and English export credit insurance companies.  

Therefore our Lawyers are familiar with their handling and requirements in bad debt collection proceedings.  

We serve industrial, commercial and service-providing firms as well as private individuals.  

Our Office combines modern debt collection proceedings (debt collection agency) with subsequent court proceedings if necessary - all proceedings are in one single hand.  

Your case is always related to one office - from the first request for payment (dunning letter, reminder) until payment in enforcement (execution proceedings, levy of execution).  

Modern back-office: Our office is completely digitized, electronic file-system, online-linkage to a lot of data providing service companies and authorities, online accessibility to the courts and bailiffs in Germany etc. 

TIP: Please note that success of collection is depending on all information about the debtor like postal address, full name, birthday, legal form (corporate company or individual), email accounts, websites, TelNo. and Fax.No., bank details of the debtor and the documentation of facts the client provides us with.  

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19, February 2018

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