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Our co-operation offer

You are a

and need to colllect debts in Germany? 

Your intention is

We would like to offer a solution for your company:

Our offer:

It is possible to free your clients from any costs if we dispose of full documentation (like all invoices, delivery notes/POD, reminder, contract, all contact details, signed PoA, bank details etc.), we assess the legal position strong and we find the debtor not insolvent due to our prior investigations. 
The range of the debt is 500,00 EUR-15,000.00 EUR.

We offer:

Your benefit:

How to proceed:
Please send us a request with your questions and possibly a description of one case
we will confirm the conditions or send you an co-operation agreement based on the conditions mentioned

We would like to suggest to to go through one case first as a test.

Our Fees and conditions:
1. Out of court: no upfront fees
Out of court proceedings are free of charge for our clients ("no cure, no pay").
As our client you come up to pay nothing in out-of-court-activities (prelegal proceedings). 

In case of a minimum of cases per month/year we offer not to charge anything in out of court proceedings!
Furthermore we do not even charge a commission fee if we dispose of full documentation, if we can locate the debtor (postal address and contact is possible), we dispose of a signed PoA, if we assess the legal position promising and the debtor is not insolvent due to our examination. 
Please contact us! 

Our service always includes the check of:

What we need: all contact details of the debtor (full name, legal form, CEO/MD, postal address, phone No., mobile No., Fax, email), the invoices, first reminder, main correspondence (emails etc), contract and bank details if available. Please send by email.

2. Court proceedings:
Please note that in Germany the debtor is obliged by law to refund all court and lawyers fees, if he is defeated in the lawsuit. 

Hence, all fees and costs are basically recoverable from the debtor.

Court and Lawyer fees basically relate to a legal table, binding by law. The amount depends on the amount in controversy (amount of claim). The same applies for Lawyer fees.

In court proceedings we can offer favorable, competitive terms and reasonable fees:
It is possible to free Clients from any costs if we dispose of full documentation and we find the debtor not insolvent. The range of the debt is 500,00 EUR-15,000.00 EUR. 

Furthermore we offer conducting court proceedings by paying only court fees if not all requirements mentioned above are fulfilled. 

The range is from 71,00 EUR-184,00 EUR (at a claim of 7.000,00 EUR). Such small fees can be sufficient to obtain an enforceable judgement.

We reserve to claim for the total of the legal fees (legal table) if the debtor still lodges an appeal against a court order and contests the debt in court proceedings (defect of goods, malperformance, late delivery, breach of contract, counterclaims etc.). We will inform you about the total of fees at an early stage or on request. Certainly you can decide not pursue the claim further on at each stage of proceedings.

You can find the legal table for Court and Lawyer Fees here: more
You also find explanations how to calculate the fees in your case.
Please ask for your individual offer for free! 


*Otherwise we charge a contingent fee (commission) of  1,5- 12% on all amounts we collect in fact depending on the amount of the claim. Please contact us